Vet Clinic at Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic in Barneveld, NY.

Veterinary Clinic in Barneveld, NY

Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic offers a full-range of veterinary services. We treat all breeds of dogs and cats along with small exotic mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc.). We offer convenient hours and a friendly, caring staff.

Our Services Include:
Small Animals & Exotic Animal General Medicine & Surgery

Whether your pet is in need of a general wellness checkup or a more extensive surgery, the experienced, caring veterinarians at our clinic can assist you. This includes routine vaccinations, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, and the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

Extensive Pain Management

If your animal has a pre-existing medical condition or is suffering from the effects of an injury, surgery, or otherwise, our veterinarians can help to diagnose and come up with an appropriate pain management plan.

Anaesthetic Monitoring

Anaesthetic monitoring is used for a number of purposes, such as diagnosing abnormalities or in part with preoperative work-up in older patients. Our state-of-the-art anaesthetic monitoring is a key diagnostic and surgical tool within our veterinary clinic.

Dental Care
Our veterinary clinic offers comprehensive, safe and comfortable dental services for pets, including dental x-rays.
Diagnostic Services
These veterinary practices help our veterinarians diagnose and understand the health of your pet from an internal standpoint. Our in-house diagnostic services include diagnostic ultrasounds, digital radiography and blood analysis.
Our clinic offers animal dermatological services to help maintain and treat your animal’s skin issues.
Our staff can help your pet to learn key behavior techniques and will work with you directly to help strengthen your bond with your pet.
Veterinarian at Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic in Barneveld, NY.

To learn more about our veterinary services, contact us today. We look forward to meeting your furry friend!

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