Hello Beaver Meadow Family!

We hope that everyone is doing well and your family and pets have been enjoying our short
summer. Everything moves along in this world at such a fast, busy pace as you know and we realize
how important it is for you to be able to count on Beaver Meadow anytime for any of your pet’s needs.
Most of you know that my husband, Adam and I are looking forward to welcoming the birth of our new
daughter, Penelope, to our family in December. Juniper, Buckley and Daisy can hardly wait to meet
their new sister.

I feel blessed to have such wonderful veterinarians along with our amazing staff of techs,
receptionists and kennel help. Family is very important to me and I understand and respect the time
that our staff needs to spend with their families.  Dr. Ellen Hilton and Dr. Katelyn Miller are still going
to try to cover as many after hours emergency shifts as possible, however there may be occasions
when our Beaver Meadow veterinarians are not available and you may be referred elsewhere.  Dr
Diana has recently hired an amazing veterinary emergency triage service called Guardian Vets.
Many times, our on-call veterinary professional can help prevent unnecessary late night trips to the
ER, and will assist you with scheduling an appointment with Beaver Meadow Vet Clinic at your
earliest convenience.

If the On-Call veterinary professional suggests you see a vet immediately on a day or time we
at Beaver Meadow are not available we have asked Countryside Vet Clinic and Waterville Vet Clinic
to be available to see your pet for after hours emergency care.  They are both full service clinics with
wonderful doctors and staff that will be available if you need after hour emergency care. This will only
be necessary on the rare occasion that you would need us on one of the two nights that we do not
have doctor coverage.

I am still actively seeking to add a new full time veterinarian to our staff, and will continue to
do so until we find the right person to join us. We will keep you informed of any changes that we need
to make so you can always count on us to be here whenever you need us for veterinary care.
You and your fur family are valued as part of our Beaver Meadow family.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
Dr Diana Ostrander